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Our Staff

Hope Batchelor, DVM

Hope Batchelor | Pickering Equine

Hope Batchelor, DVM is the owner and head veterinarian at Pickering Equine.  After graduating from North Carolina State, DVM, in 2003, she headed to South Florida for an internship at Reid and Associates.  Following her tenure in Florida, she entered the fast paced world of sport horse medicine at the renown John R Steele and Associates.  As a practitioner focused on performance horses, she realized that there was a lack of resources for the injured horse during the rehabilative period. Since the creation of Pickering Equine, Hope has continued to expand and tailor the services offered.  This has been done to improve each equine athlete's program with the main goal always being a return to superior performance. As a rider herself, Batchelor relies on horsemanship both in and out of the saddle.  She realizes it is imperative to include all of the horse's key caretakers in order to ensure success.  The referring veterinarians, riders, and owners are integral in comprising each individual horse's plan.  

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