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Pickering Equine is located on 23.2 acres in Chester Springs, Pa. The state-of-the-art facility boasts 23 spacious 12 x 12 stalls, including one isolation stall for quarantine purposes. 

All stalls aside from the isolation stall have outdoor-facing windows and are equipped with a removable, fold-down yolk, so horses are able to hang their heads out at will. Inside, the barn floor is made up of rubber pavers that are inlaid into the concrete, making for a soft, buoyant indoor surface. 

Pickering Equine
Horse Gym USA

Pickering Equine offers two Horse Gym USA trademills for its patients. The Horse Gym 2000 and the Horse Gym 2000 Aqua Trainer are both housed in a 30 x 40 room equipped with both heating and air conditioning.

The Horse Gym 2000 is a dry treadmill with a shock absorbent belt perfect for nearly all recovering leg injuries. The treadmill features 9 computer controlled programs, adjustable speeds up to 8 mph and inclines from 0-10 degrees. It is an ideal diagnostic, rehabilitation and training tool.

The Horse Gym 2000 Aqua Trainer adds resistance to the the rehabilitation program without adding undue strain on the horse. Allowing the horse to be exercised at a walk up to shoulder height, the buoyancy established by the water treadmill lessens the weight on the horse's limbs by up to 60 percent. 


Pickering Equine
Laser Services

Pickering Equine utilizes the Smart RLT laser from Sound. 

Rugged, powerful, and portable, the Smart RLT laser has been used for more than 60,000 treatments on 3,000 horses since 2012.

Pickering Equine is proud to have the BEMER Horse Blanket in its arsenal of equipment. The blanket works with the unique BEMER signal, which effectively stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system as well as "rest and digestive" activities.


The BEMER Horse Blanket promotes faster recovery, regeneration of muscle tissue, and more effective hydration. It is a great tool to be used before training, competitive riding, and shipping, as well as during the recovery and rehabilitation process.

BEMER Veterinary Line
Pickering Equine

The horses housed at Pickering will always walk on the highest quality footing. Pickering's beautiful indoor arena is 80 x 200 and outfitted with GGT Comp Blend footing by DJL Equestrian Services, ideal for rehabilitating athletes.

Our facility also includes other special amenities that are key to our operations. The property features a separate diagnostic room for veterinary practices; a heated tack room/lounge, heated offices, and a heated feed room.

Located just minutes from the Turnpike and Route 100, Pickering Equine is ideally located and is easily accessible to large trailers. We are less than 30 minutes from the Devon Horse Show and an hour from Harrisburg. 

Pickering Equine is the ideal place for the short- or long-term care of your rehabilitating equine performance athlete.


Contact us to book your space now!

Pickering Equine is open year round and offers stabling for 23 horses. We also have two trailers—a 2-horse and a 4-horse—and the ability to ship to and from the clinic. Ship-in packages are available; ship-ins are welcome by appointment only. 

Pickering Equine
Boarding and Shipping
Photo from BEMER U.S.
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