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Veterinary Services

With Hope Batchelor, DVM, at the helm, Pickering Equine is proud to offer veterinary services to its clients upon request.

A mobile sport horse practice,  Batchelor welcomes ship-ins and also travels off-site to treat patients.

Pickering Equine has a wealth of resources at its disposal, including a specialized diagnostic room. Pickering Equine also has the ability to dispense medications in addition to the many treatment options available on site.

Pickering Equine's veterinary services include:




Diagnostic & Maintenance Services

Pickering Equine services its veterinary clients with

routine vaccinations, Coggins, and diagnostic blood







Pickering Equine veterinary services specializes in performance

horse medicine, focusing on proactive lameness treatment in

order to keep your performance horse going.

Our lameness-related services include:





Pre-purchase Exams

Pickering Equine offers pre-purchase exams of various degrees

of extensiveness. Pickering Equine's pre-purchase exams

may range from a clinical exam to including radiographs,

blood work, ultrasound and upper-airway scoping as needed

or requested.​​






For more information, contact Pickering Equine.

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